The Film

“South American Cho-Low” is a short documentary that examines the meeting point between cholo style and lowrider culture in Sao Paulo. The film features interviews with major personalities and icons from the movement such as photographer Estevan Oriol, Christopher “Duel” Hall, Antonio Carlos Batista “Alemão” Filho, Luiz “Gordo” Teixeira, Mariana de Paula Martins and Leandro Vinicius Pimenta Cabellos, who take viewers through the world of lowriders, tattoos, religion and cholo style as they recount why they’re so passionate about Chicano and lowrider culture, and why they relate so much to those living the life in East Los Angeles. “South American Cho-Low” shows that despite the violence associated with gang culture, the Brazilian interpretation — where violence is noticeably absent — provokes the deeper question of what it means to truly be a lowrider and maintain a Brazilian identity.


Director : Phuong-Cac Nguyen.

Editor : Alfredo Ritta.

Executive Producers : Phuong-Cac Nguyen, Alfredo Ritta.

Camera : Adalberto Rossette, Cia de Foto, Robson Thomaz, Gabriel Dietrich, Rodrigo Fonseca.

Photography : Adalberto Rossette, Cia de Foto.

Asst. Editor : Spooky Araujo.

Motion Graphics : Matthew Law, Daniel Ortiz, Aaron Koenigsberg.

Animation : Cyndee Barber.

Color Correction : Bryan Banks.

Sound Mix : Dave Chung.

Music Consultant : Kento Tanaka.

Production Coordinator / Consultant : William Baglione / Society Under Construction.

Production Assistants : Natasha Madov, Mike Atallah, Gustavo Chavarria, Claudio “Dio” Hayor.

Transcription : Rafael Ucha Campos.

“South American Cho-Low” Title Designed By : Luiz Gordo.

Soundtrack : MaliciousLee, Alvos da Lei.


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